Time – that key item of day to day life

lights water blur rain
Photo by Bob Clark on Pexels.com

The journey was meant to be a quick one.  But rain and traffic meant it was anything but.

We all just assume that there will always be time and sadly on the last journey the road was closed with a diversion in place.  All the way around the houses.


It is thought provoking to look more at time.  We check the time constantly however the passage of time varies – how often when we are bored does time drag and when busy it flies past.  


Yet despite the many clocks we don’t appreciate time- 

We also work with the illusion that its only our generation that have ready access to clocks- the pocket sundials pictured here suggest otherwise


Why does a retirement website have a feature about time- well its the one commodity that we cannot control, is precious and good use of it is key to having a good retirement.  Or perhaps better worded as a fun time.  Think back to all those hours days nights weekend spent at work and now its a time (that word again) for a change

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