Photography-iPhone-Art-Power at shrimp:rabble:deep

One of the most popular museums on London is Tate Modern.

It is located at Bankside and was opened in 2000 and is visited by approximately 6 million visitors per year.  What is most striking was that the building was originally built in 2 stages in 1947 and 1963 as a power station.

The turbine hall is immense and the size shows our own small stature in relation

It seems that the people became part of the art installation

Some exhibits were enhanced by the visitors as well


In others the abstract shape of the building was central

In another area, it dawned on me that all around us are signals that are trying to tell us something

It was only when we saw the following that the commentary on our current world became clear.



After  our visit we went to onto St Pauls cathedral.

Here the question was also asked.

And there was a lingering question,


That I was unable to answer?

I hope that this has inspired you to visit Tate Modern- a power station which continues to power things even though it last produced electricity in 1981.

Oh by the way, why the title?  There is a new navigation system being launched where every 3×3 metre of the globe can be identified by 3 words.

One of those squares in the turbine hall is

shrimp:rabble:deep others are sparks:expert:thinks

This strikes me as rather apt as I was using      iPhone:art:power      in the title of this piece

Useful Links

  1. What3 words
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  3. Tate Modern



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