Photography-Lottery 2- You/me as players

The National Lottery was 25 years old in November 2019.  Many institutions have received financial support from them over that time and in recognition free entry was allowed by them in November 2019.  The Royal Academy was one of those places that we visited.

They had an exhibition Confronting a planet in a state of emergency.   Here are a few of the photos I took.  The power and scale of the universe is clear for all to see here


Then we get just an impression of what the Big Bang must have been like


In another part of  the Royal Academy were a series of sculptured heads.  They showed that we are all different and yet basically the same

And the sculptures showed that at its most basic the human form is just that a body form.

For the sake of modesty parts of the sculptures were left out of my photograph.

None more so than for the sculpture of Hercules.  This was about 8 foot tall and with body  proportions to match.


These sculptures were unclothed and shows how mankind used to conduct themselves in ancient times.

It was a coincidence therefore that Saville Row is just outside the Royal Academy.
This is the epicentre of  classic British Tailoring and Gentlemen’s suits.

It is reassuring to see a classic Rolls Royce car just outside the premises of Gieves and Hawkes.    It is said that a Saville Row hand made suit could cost £3,000-but then it  would last a lifetime.  The tailors even had means to make those subtle adjustments to accommodate the effect of multiple business lunches which would have been a problem over a lifetime.


Sadly the impact of economic change and fast fashion has even reached Saville Row


Traditional court and military uniforms on display but this tailors shop is vacant and for rent.

It we are to tackle the challenge of climate change these photographs shows it all.  We are all the same even if we can only aspire to the physique of Hercules.  We are now required to wear clothes and follow fashions.

The current concerns about excess consumption and their environmental effects  might mean we need to move away from Fast Fashion and return to the well made suits to last a lifetime.  Currently some wear a garment just once and discard it and this must be the height of anti environmental behaviour. However our economic model would need a redesign as how many can afford a £3,000  suit or similar even if prices were slightly less

Useful links

  1. Gieves and  Hawkes
  2. Saville Row
  3. Royal Academy of Arts
  4. Royal Academy EcoVisionaries
  5. Fast fashion and changing behaviour

I hope this inspires you to look again at your weekly flutter on the lottery.  Also to take another look at you wardrobe and clothing choices (as appropriate).


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