Photography-Paths to savour and Inspire


For a website with the title of Inspire it seems paradoxical that I needed to be Inspired to write.  There has been a gap whilst that Inspiration came.

It was a walk in the outdoors- not always easy in Winter with the rain.  Here are the photographs and I hope that they Inspire you



Stairway to ………

More stairs then curves to  either right, left or to meander


Uphill or narrow paths or broad paths


Like the animals we may need to put stock aside or maybe loose some unwanted stores.  A clear case for a New Year Resolution about Christmas Cake and Mince Pies.


We can pull up a chair and watch or we can just rush down and dive straight in.

There is a time and place to wake up and smell the coffee or just go round in circles.  IMG_1699IMG_1700

Or try the door or go through the arch


Not making much progress on my Inspiration I went to the gym and did a cycle session.

They have an interactive program so there I was cycling in the Swiss mountains -until I ran out of road/programme that is. (Luckily this was all in the gym as its a long walk back from Switzerland!)

And then I  saw another cyclist  flying in to meet me just like Mary Poppins in the film.



And the film has a specific phrase which can be used to Inspire you whatever the event.  It is


If Peleton or other methods for inspiring you to cycle don’t work for you then try watching the clip and singing it to yourself.- “quietly” I suggest.

So I hope you are Inspired again and enjoy the new Decade.






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