Dry January-16 January

There is a fashion these days to have a Dry January.  To make up, so to speak for the jollies (excess of Christmas).  This was also the day 100 years ago when the USA brought in National Prohibition on 16 January 1920.  The policy was abandoned in December 1933 because consumption of alcohol, produced illegally, had soared.

Locally there is a National Trust house Polesden Lacey which has a different story about the wealth produced from alcohol.  It was home to Margaret Greville and according to the National Trust her wealth came from her fathers brewing business McEwans.  He was a well respected business man and MP who lived in Mayfair


Here are a few photographs from around the house.

There was also a Savoy Cocktail menu


Such cocktails can still be bought to this day


One interesting fact was that Mrs Greville was so well connected that King Edward the VII came to Polesden Lacey.  Later King George VI spent some of his honeymoon at the house.



For the rest of us alcohol is a more mundane affair



As often as not it comes from cans and bottles which don’t look half as stylish when they come to be thrown away.


If following Dry January is proving a bit of a challenge at a dull time of the year.  Why not visit Polesden Lacey and enjoy a walk there


Apart from the house, the gardens have wide vistas and are a good way to blow away the staleness of the winter.  There is even a program of Wellness Walks.



I hope that this has inspired you to look again at Dry January and other ways to enjoy it.

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